Technology Firm Insurance

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Technology firm insurance helps you secure the future of your innovative business.

Take your coverage beyond the ones and zeros with technology firm insurance.

When the tech world meets the real world, insurance can help.

Technology firms face unique risks due to the nature of their work. Securing a technology firm insurance policy may help you combat and prevent the risks you face in the tech world.

With innovation comes risk.

Technology firms are on the leading edge of innovation but are susceptible to risks unique to the industry. From lawsuits for errors and omissions to liability exposures due to viruses, stolen or compromised data, as well as system outages and downtime. These risks can impact your smooth operations, which is why you may want to consider technology firm insurance.

The risks of running a tech firm.

The most important areas in which tech firms should be insured include liability coverage to protect your business from the risks associated with the tech industry. Another aspect that goes beyond the tech world involves electrical equipment being stored on-site. For these tech firms specifically, having commercial property and equipment insurance is important to consider.

The business side of technology.

As the owner of a business in the tech industry, focusing on growth and innovation should be your primary goal. By having coverage in place, you may be able to set aside potential roadblocks. Here are some of the main types of coverage that may be included in your technology firm insurance policy:

  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Cyber Liability
  • Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Excess Liability Coverage
  • Professional Liability
  • Systems Breakdown

Understanding the insurance needs of the tech industry.

The specific insurance needs of technology firms and IT businesses are as unique as the businesses themselves. Because of this, there are important considerations to make when choosing a policy and coverage options for your business. The type of tech business you operate, the scale of your business, and even your location may have an impact on the insurance you should consider.

Keep your business on the leading edge with technology firm insurance. Contact us to go over your coverage needs and options.